Christmas Party

Zappos does a big company holiday party in Jan after the Q4 crazy, but individual departments do Christmas parties in Dec.  This year the team wanted to do more of an open space vs. a sit down dinner like we did last year.  So by default which I love to do, I get to plan it.  Got a suite at the Bellagio which was nice and just the right size.  I saw the layout on-line but didn't get to see the room beforehand so I was a little nervous.
Nice dining and living area.

pool table
my bedroom...planner has to spend the night and checkout :)
 worked out nicely, lots of room to mingle
and play games
 did some photo booth fun...well last minute decorations from my desk and any Christmas hat/glasses I had at home :)

 and some open-mouth smiles because supposedly you look best in pics when you do open mouth smile, so we just do it all the time :)

 we did White Elephant, a comfy cozy theme so a lot of blankets, some slippers, pj's, southern comfort, taco bell gift card...I left with a foot massager, bowl and soup.  This arm hand pillow was most interesting?

Food was catered in and our bartender was amazing, so nice and not awkward to have at the party.  Food was just okay, the chocolate bon bons for dessert were most memorable!
 Me and M, Yin and Yang...they say we are so opposite yet great friends and make for a great team!  We balance the team out
view in the morning from my room
on my way out I stopped to look at the Christmas Decorations

Christmas Time

Christmas Eve started with a nice brunch at the Sparklings

 then off to church

these two cutie pies!
was a beautiful, message, even a ribbon cirque dancer
finished off with a candle lighting reminding us how God's light is shined through all of us

 was nice to see all the lights throughout the room
 and so nice to share the morning with my Zappos Sister Wives, Michelle and Caron.  Work wouldn't be the same without these two close friends!
Afterwards spent the rest of the day at mom's with the family
 wouldn't be right without a regular and silly family photo
and the mom's cooking, meaning Lola Let and Lola Rose :)  My favorites...Kare Kare
shrimp tempura
kids anxiously waiting to open presents...Des minioned out :)
 So much fun with the family! We wish you all had a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones too!  At the end of the night I grabbed this family photo from the church's facebook page.  I was so glad they had a photo station since I really did drop the ball and wasn't motivated in getting Christmas cards done this year, so here it is :)  And it only took one try since it's a line and it moves quick, you can't have them take like 20 which is what it normally takes to get a decent family photo haha!

Christmas continues...

in the big apple.  We were so sad to have to leave the family party early to catch our 11pm red eye flight to New York.  We dropped our bags off at the hotel and went straight to Rockefeller.

Not too crowded on Christmas Day which was nice and it wasn't super cold out. Everyone was saying how lucky we were to have this weather. It was the same or if not a little colder in Vegas!
We did the10:30am session, waited for the next fresh Zamboni smoothed out ice!  It was fun, but I will say everything looks smaller in person.  Looks so much bigger on TV :)
 and it's also very pricey, it's a rip I say :)  But hey, you have to do it once in your life and we were there taking it all in, so glad we did it, but probably won't ever do it again.  I do like how the crowd is controlled though with the time slots so it doesn't get super packed like some of the other rinks.

 Since we were just off the red-eye, after ice-skating and lunch which everyone was pretty much crashing and falling asleep at the table, we were able to check in and nap the rest of the day

 we did have a really nice lunch at the restaurant connected to our hotel called.  The salmon sandwich I had was so good!  And then later that night, Jay and I went out for ramen.  Wanted to take him to Ippudo, but they were closed so went to Nippori which isn't as good as Ippudo or Bachi, but hit the spot for a cold night out.
After a good night's rest we were ready to explore the city...Jaylin excited to hail the first cab
 we went to Greenwich Village for coffee and macarons and crepes at a new place my friend Moxa recommended and if you know me, I will go if you tell me I need to try a new cafe :)

we walked around and through Washington Park
just so nice and crisp out!

jumping for joy!
 did some shopping, took Jayme to her favorite store Brandy and Melville
 walked through Central park

 Jayson loved looking into the water seeing the city lights and reflection

 had to do hot dogs, pretzels and churros

introduced the kids to Shake Shack...we went twice once in NYC and once in CT
 met my friend Moxa there and got to meet ZuZu

 got her with her eyes open and rocked her back to sleep :)

 Third Day in the city we jumped on the Subway to take the Ferry across to Ellis Island to see the statue of Liberty.  Looked into getting tickets to go in the statue but sold out so when I randomly got my hair cut the day before, the gal there told me about the Ferry ride that goes over every half hour, so good info from her, glad I got my haircut